Josh King Madrid commonly known as @jetsetfly or JETSET, is a serial entrepreneur,  marketing specialist, angel investor, keynote speaker, millennial thought leader, and founder of  Team Jet Set.


Josh is the host of The Dropout Degree, a podcast show top-ranked as one of the top 10 Business Podcast In The World on iTunes.

“The goal of The Dropout Degree is to share my experiences as a young, up-and-coming entrepreneur, share inspiring stories from the most relentless business moguls and influencers, and educate you on anything and everything that you would never be able to learn in an academic classroom: to help you find out what it really to takes to win big as an entrepreneur and exceed the expectations set by society, regardless of your age, education, or financial background.”

An avid hustler, at only 20 years old, he has created a massive online-empire and is responsible for creating over multiple 7 figures in profit online. Josh has built and sold multiple online businesses & well as 2 brick & motar businesses. He co-owns a merchant services company & is founder of the largest international digital ATM Franchising Service. He is CEO of the worlds’ first e-commerce SAAS eco-system Excommerce. He is also a celebrity & influencer business consultant for social media & marketing.


Josh is ranked as one of the Top Influencive Influencers of 2017. He has risen to social media notoriety after he decided to share his story online.  While not everyone is comfortable telling their entrepreneurial story, Josh strongly believes you have an obligation to inspire, teach, motivate and educate the millennial generation.

Early Life

Josh King Madrid was born in Orange, California, then immediately moved to Ohio, where he would spend the first 5 years of his life while his father pursued a medical degree. At 5, Josh returned to the West Coast, moving to Los Angeles, California where he lived for two years before moving to Menifee, California. Menifee became home for the rest of his young life, up until he headed to Irvine to attend UCI. His college career was a short one, ending after just 4 months when he dropped out. But we will get to that in a moment.


Josh’s entrepreneurial spirit has been with him since he was a young child.  He began his career at just 7 by buying wholesale beanies from Alibaba and then re-selling them at school and daycare to his fellow classmates. Josh went as far as marketing to his classmates’ parents to buy their children beanies. From that humble start, he upgraded his e-commerce supply wholesale/retail business to selling t-shirts, iPod touch cases, shutter shade sunglasses, snapbacks hats, and jewelry. (You can listen to the entire story here!)


E-commerce and entrepreneurship have been Josh’s passion for the majority of his life. At 12-years-old, Josh started to package products and create and manage invoices for his mother and father’s e-commerce health product business where he would get paid $5 an hour. This didn’t last too long because Josh realized he doesn’t like trading his time for money, so he decided to stick with the wholesale/retail game.


In his early teens, Josh had a keen eye for trends and decided to start trend hacking, a process where he would use different trends (like music topics, products, and social media promotion) to create income streams, often making thousands in a weekend with his retail business and his razor-sharp marketing tactics. Josh received tremendous hate from classmates throughout this entire journey, because many thought the money Josh was banking in on was funded by his “rich parents.” Which is understandable; how else would a kid be able to travel, buy all the hottest new toys, and even pay $14,000 for his first car in cash at 15. This hate just served as fuel and drive for Josh.


Josh has always been a car fanatic. At 15 and 1/2 he bought his first car with cash, stopped hustling, and spent all his time, money, and effort from ages 15-17 modifying that car. And then, at 17, Josh was in a terrible car accident that left his car totaled.


His dreams were crushed. His ego was sent back to planet earth. He was laughed at and ridiculed.


But now, he realizes this is this best thing that has happened to him in his life.

Josh quickly moved forward and realized he needed to start earning money again, so he bought a 2002 Toyota beater truck with the money he had left over and started a fitness personal training business with his friend. They bought equipment and would load it in the back of the truck to travel to different locations to work with clients (who would only pay them $10/hr. for training).

Josh decided to double down on his fitness career, and he co-founded JetSetLift, a brand that revolved around fitness. Josh built an organic following of 20k+ followers on Instagram in only a few months using viral strategies, software, and paid promotions. Students at Josh’s high school used to make fun of him for spending $20+ bucks on Instagram, since it wasn’t “real.” Little did they know that after a few months of personal training and building this online brand, Josh was able to start an e-commerce business selling apparel capping him $100-200 dollars a day in revenue. This fitness brand was the “gateway drug” to receiving brand sponsorships, promoting affiliate offers, and selling merchandise


Josh decided to again quit trading his time for money and gave up the “personal trainer life.” He took his profits and got involved with the car flipping industry. He flipped cars from auctions on Craigslist with the help of someone he thought to be a “mentor” in the industry—until the guy ran away with $4,500 of Josh’s money.


Josh was devastated, betrayed, and, most of all, broke.


He decided to part ways with the industry and move on.


Josh was lucky enough to come in contact with Nick Luevano, one of Josh’s most valuable mentors. Nick took Josh under his wing and helped him build Team Jet Set’s foundation and guided him to $5,000 a month in profit while in high school via direct sales, marketing, and e-commerce.

Josh graduated high school, discovered affiliate marketing, and spent his entire 2016 summer and even his first few months of college putting his head down and working on his e-commerce and affiliate marketing business, sometimes spending 18 hours a day on it.


While at college, where he didn’t pay attention in any of his classes or remove his textbooks from their plastic wrappers, Josh created a software and social media management company that exploded and went viral online. He started college making $13,000/mo. which quickly scaled (within 4 months) to $27,000/mo., which is when he realized how much potential he had online and decided then to immediately drop out and go all in with entrepreneurship.


He really had no other option BUT to dropout. (It doesn’t help that Josh also had a 1.1 GPA and spent his only free time from his business with his frat bros instead of studying. #sigmapi )


Around this time, Josh bought the car he deserved (smart move) and started to splurge on designer merchandise (dumb move) and the lavish travel lifestyle (smart move), which led to his internet influence blowing up as people started to hear about his story and his ventures. Being one of the first & only individuals to advertise dropping out and making money online JetSet became the face for millennial college dropouts, which has now became a massive wave sweeping across social media. 



Over the following months, Josh would make it his mission to be a first mover wherever he could see opportunities to trend hack and market them effectively. This approach dramatically increased sales, landed him opportunities, and has turned him into the man his followers know him as today. The first month after dropping out of college, Josh sold his social media software business, got involved with a new business, and was able to scale this software service business from $15k its first two months to over $500k in just its first 6 months. He now has created a 7-figure media and consulting agency and has established himself as one of the best internet marketers and e-commerce salesmen in the world.

The rest is history.


Josh decided to document this and show the world that age does not place a limit on the results you can achieve by building his personal brand and creating and posting content that is relevant to the millennial generation’s ability to reach success by utilizing the internet. Now, he is changing lives forever.


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